+60Fit…forever power

+60Fit…forever power


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AltWaters™ +60Fit! (2 fl. oz.)...forever power

It is more and more accepted in this society that “60” is the new “40” as both men and women embrace a healthier lifestyle to keep up with the new emphasis on “youthing”.  Add this formula to your exercise plan and a good natural diet with plenty of pure water.

Helps to maintain a vital physical body

  •  Provides endurance and optimum benefit from workouts
  •  Boosts energy levels
  •  Retains clarity in thought processes
  •  Allows for emotional stability
  •  Slows down the aging process.




Additional information

Weight 0.9000 kg
Dimensions 1.5000 × 1.5000 × 5.0000 cm


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