Alternative Healing

When Carol Keppler was diagnosed in 1983, at the age of 50, with a serious health condition, she chose to follow an alternative path to wellness.  During her healing process, Carol discovered that she was able to intuit what others needed to support their health and well-being.  Over time, she began to identify the body’s health potential in terms of frequencies or “Subtle Energy Units”, a more scientific way of looking at the process of cellular repair.

This led to the investigation of new technologies and the discovery of a method for transferring the frequencies of Carol’s innate knowledge into water.  Finally, there was an easy, inexpensive way for people to increase their cellular vibrational capacity to the levels needed for what she calls “radical wellness”.

The result was the creation of “subtle energy” formulas for deep cellular cleansing, The AltWaters System.  Nothing could be simpler than adding a few droppers of these subtle frequency formulas to pure water to drink throughout the day.  Also, the creation of over 40 SinglesLine formulas!

The New Regenerative Medicine

“HydroNoetics is the new science of innate knowledge expressed through the vehicle of water – evolved water for Life!”

Quantum physics has confirmed that everything from the farthest star to the smallest unit of matter is alive with energy – measurable electrical energy.  Physicists using calibrated testing instruments have identified such unique and measurable frequencies in the AltWaters™ formulas — water formulas that are capable of neutralizing negatives at the cellular level and beyond.  But this is just the beginning.

Once cleansed, the cells know how to self-repair — they were so designed.  However, because of the myriad of toxins, including harmful chemicals and medications we are exposed to daily, the healing process can be blocked, preventing the body’s natural tendency to self-repair. Now we can add to this list the danger of 5G and WiFi6 as well as our new sun’s radiation.

The revolutionary HydroNoetics® concept with its four decades of Research and Development is capable of clearing these blocks by dealing with the “root cause” of the illness. Modern medicine’s answer is medications, which unfortunately only mask the symptoms.  Then by adding half the body’s weight in ounces of “free” water daily, the cleansed cells can amp the hydro-electric energy needed to complete the self-repair process.

All formulas are electroceuticals, keyed to the subtle electric of the body’s own Harmonic Electric System, which operates on millivolts. This is especially important for those who are ultra-sensitive or empathic.

 In just a few short weeks, the body can manifest the full benefit of a program such as this. And the initial AltWaters™ System, never in a lifetime needs to be repeated due to its simple, on-going Preventative Maintenance program.

A Message About the Waters

We are often asked about the AltWaters™ formulas.  Dr. Rustum Roy, PhD, a Materials Scientist at Penn State University, did a three-year study, pro-bono, to learn about these subtle energy formulas.  His words upon completion were “These are unique formulas with amazing results.”   Another research team was surprised when they also discovered the formulas had “unique as well as measurable frequencies.”

It took 40+ years of research using what Carol calls “intuited research” to pull together the literally millions of pieces that have become the AltWaters™ System.  And the AltWaters product line was born.  She believes it has been sent here to help heal the planet.

Carol gives all praise and glory to the Creator of these magnificently designed bodies whose 75 trillion cells, once cleansed, have the power to self-repair.

Carol’s crystal-clear intuition has helped thousands of clients as she scans their cellular energy to discover blocks to wellness.  Moreover, she always shares the miracle of the water formulas, which so effectively neutralize these blocks, giving hope to even those who are considered “incurable”.  She has a knowingness that there is nothing in a body that can’t self-repair once the cells are cleansed.  We believe the “HydroNetics®” has given us answers where there were none—and hope!

This is the new science of “Whole” Person Healing!

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What They’re Saying

“We love the level of health that the AltWaters formulas has given our family.  It has given my daughters a sense of self that I never had at their age.”

Susan Testimonial

“Many things a-happening! The formula Stabilizer is incredible, but i sense i need to stay on it 3 drops a day. I have never had a flat stomach even though thin always retain water. I do not anymore, I’ve also got incredible focus and energy thanks AltWaters™.”

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“I had a fall in the garage and my forehead hit the bottom of the garage door (it was only down about 1/3 of the way) and I fell down full force to the cement. When I called in (I kept having headaches), Carol said it was my axiatonal lines, so I did theMicroEnhancer™ for 3 days and it’s a lot better.”

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“My girlfriend came to visit from Houston. She informed me that she was scheduled for surgery in one month for a hysterectomy due to cysts and a lot of other female health issues. She had been trying to avoid this for as long as possible. I took her to see Carol and she purchased the AltWaters™ System, which she did and gradually healed and cleared all her cysts, she never required surgery. She continues to do fine without problems.”

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“I have been on medical leave since 4/30 with a diagnosis of pericarditis with fluid around the heart. The doctor was evaluating me for lupus. The blood tests have all come back negative. That diagnosis didn’t feel right to me anyway. I’m beginning to think that my illness was meant to lead me to your AltWaters™ Technology, as I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise. Day by day for the last week I have begun to feel better. Something at the core of me feels stronger and brighter. My shortness of breath has also lessened.”

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