13-Week Quantum Healing System

AltWaters™ Quantum Healing System by Carol Keppler

For Strong and Sensitive systems compromised by body trauma, emotional trauma, toxins or chaotic electric/EMRs – Past or Present!  Any combination of these can throw the human system into a freefall, difficult for most practitioners to even diagnose, let alone deal with.  Answers at last.

a once-in-a-lifetime Wellness System

What does each formula do?  First and foremost, the formulas neutralize the negatives at all LEVELS and LAYERS for repair and regeneration:  Cellular, Molecular, Atomic and SubAtomic.  You may begin to feel “shifts” in your health as you progress through the formulas below.

QuickStartThis first formula clears 100% of the harmful digital electronic frequencies from your computer brain, the Control Center of the human body, before beginning StepOne.

StepOnetargets the Vital Signs (respiration, blood pressure, heart rate/pulse, core temperature), the root cause of much of the malfunctioning of the human system!  As your vital signs normalize, your body will be able to gain the strength to accomplish the rest of the repair/regeneration process.

StepTwoa shift towards improved focus and grounding begins to take place as your body’s subtle harmonic electrical system amps up. Now work begins on your digestion, joints, sleep issues, and the stabilization of your energy system. Low-level inflammation begins to clear.

StepThree through StepSixthese expansion formulas are designed to take the body through the System at their own pace: StepThree-clearing buried emotions StepFour-improving thinking processes StepFive-deals with psychological hang-ups StepSix-continues the physical aspects of “healing”.

StepSevenbegins the move into the realm of the deeper and more subtle frequencies of subtle energy medicine. A natural progression allows the body to begin to tap into the power of its own innate healing process without drugs that merely mask the symptoms.  This is real healing.  With this formula, your body’s specific need for vitamins, minerals, etc. is met for fine-tuned improvement of function.  Most importantly, the acidic pH can revert back to close to its normal alkaline base where no disease can live. The frequencies of thousands of herbs and other “naturals” in this one formula are used to accomplish this miracle.

StepEightdigs even deeper to heal (cleanse/repair/regenerate).  Cellular memory is also cleared to prevent the reoccurrence of most symptomology.

QuantumHealingis a power formula designed to seek-and-find your Healthprint, which is as unique as your fingerprint.  Its objective is to prepare you for the work of Power 1 and Power 2, where Past Lifetime and Future (aging) will be dealt with.

Expect.A.Miracle …hundreds of thousands of subtle energy frequencies covering a myriad of health and life issues.

HEAL.N.Thrive!  Thousands more frequencies, not just ohysical, but mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your Wellness Journey.