13-Week Quantum Healing System

Quantum Healing…a 13-week System by AltWaters™ Technology

It has taken four decades of Research and Development to bring to the Planet the next generation of the newly rediscovered medical astronomy.  Now there is a very real possibility of breaking through the limits of bio-molecular medicine/western medicine. With the subtle frequencies of the AltWaters™ System we are now able to reach the most subtle levels of the human body, the Atomic and Subatomic levels, and beyond never before dealt with because we didn’t know they existed.  This is true deep cellular cleansing.

DigitalPollutionThis first formula clears 100% of the harmful digital electronic frequencies from your computer brain, the Control Center of the human body, before beginning StepOne. It’s important to prevent recontamination after this 3-week jumpstart. The AltWaters™ Maltese Medallion is 100% guaranteed to do that for you!

StepOnetargets the Vital Signs (respiration, blood pressure, heart rate/pulse, core temperature). The root cause of much of the malfunctioning of the human system! As your vital signs normalize, your body will be able to gain the strength to accomplish the rest of the repair/regeneration process.

StepTwoa shift towards improved focus and grounding begins to take place as your body’s subtle harmonic electrical system amps up. Now work begins on your digestion, joints, sleep issues, and the stabilization of your energy system. Low-level inflammation begins to clear.

StepThree through StepSixare the expansion formulas designed to take the hyper/ultra-sensitive constitution through the System at a slower, gentler, pace: Step 3-clearing buried emotions Step 4-improving thinking processes Step 5-dealing with psychological hang-ups Step 6-continuing the physical aspects of “healing”.

StepSevenaddresses more subtle levels beyond the cellular. Now your body’s specific need for vitamins, minerals, etc. is met with this formula for fine-tuned improvement of function. Most importantly, the acidic pH can revert back to close to its normal alkaline base where no disease can live. The frequencies of thousands of herbs and other “naturals” in this one formula are used to accomplish reaching the molecular level of the body.

StepEightdigs even deeper to heal (cleanse/repair/regenerate) and neutralize at the extremely subtle levels of the atomic and subatomic structure of the human body. It is very important to know, that cellular memory is also cleared to prevent the reoccurrence of symptomology.

QuantumForceis in the last place before beginning your Preventive Maintenance formulas. This power formula was designed to “seek-and-find” each individual’s “Healthprint”, your unique set of health issues brought on by everything that ever happened to you—as unique as your fingerprint. Cellular regeneration is now at work—not always a comfortable process, as the bone marrow’s new stem cells begin to differentiate into new cells for those damaged beyond the normal regeneration process! You have an amazing body that was designed to self-repair once the “root cause” of your health issues is discovered and returned to wellness! Now your JOB is to keep it at peak performance. Your Preventive Maintenance, used daily will help you do that!

Power 1 & Power 2 Preventive Maintenance for Life!  The Power formulas can only be used by those who have completed the 12-week System. Power 1 is a new concept in supplementation that makes it easy to stay healthy upon completion of the 12-week AltWaters™ SystemPower 2 reaches beyond the SubAtomic level to the SubAtomic layers where all the diseases reside that have “no known cause, no known cure“ plus the toxic medications used to mask the symptoms. This is the beginning of your ongoing Preventive Maintenance, the forever way to be sure you’ll be forever well!