5-Week SUSE System

AltWaters 5 Week Kit Product Image

Healing the Sensitive, Ultra Sensitive

and Empath ~Body, Mind and Spirit

The 5-Week SUSE System

S-U-S-E (Soo See)

For the Sensitive, UltraSensitive, Empathic person

There are only 10% of you on the Planet; the other 90% have a Strong Persona and don’t have a clue about all that makes up an Ultra Sensitive Persona — what makes you “tick”, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Just surviving has been tough. You are about to get some answers. Real answers. It’s all in these special waters by Altwaters™.

1st  DigitalPlus

1) Clears digital and “chaotic” ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR)

2) 4 LEVELS deep

2nd Purify

1) Clears all poisons and systemic infections

2) 4 LEVELS / LAYERS deep

3) Past / Present / Future

3rd  Enlighten

1) Clears all mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual LAYERS

2) The deepest and most subtle and therefore most powerful for healing

3) Past / Present / Future


Two Preventive Maintenance formulas

to keep you at peak performance for a lifetime!

4th Power 2

Detox, infections, EMR and more!

Works at the most subtle LAYERS of healing!

Trouble?  This is your Go-To Formula!

5th Power 1

Aura repair, Negative Emotion Release, and a final merging with your Divine Blueprint

 Plus Total Nutrition—no more supplements. Ever.

Amazing results with just 1 drop per day of each of these 5 vibrational energy formulas!

Bonus:  “Emergency” Formula