About Us

You’ve tried everything

and you’re still “sick”?

At AltWaters™, we’ve been on a 40+ year search for the root cause of the symptoms that most health care providers have been treating with a “pill, herb, or homeopathic remedy for every ill.”

Our Vision

At AltWaters™ Technology our mission and values are to provide the best research and most effective tools to provide a baseline of radiant health for all life.

Carol’s Promise

To use my God-given intuitive gifts to create safe and easy to use energy medicine systems at affordable prices to assist the body in self-repair no matter how complex the health challenge.

About The Formulas

AltWaters™ Formulas

The AltWaters™ formulas were developed over almost four decades of working closely with clients to meet their specific health needs. They were designed to neutralize negative frequencies, not only at the physical level, but mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels as well.

  1. The AltWaters™ formulas are made through a vortex process in a base of Micro Cluster water.  The base for the AltWaters™ formulas is Micro Cluster water. This is water with a memory. The smaller clusters are hex-shaped to fit more easily through the pores of the cells.
  2. AltWaters™ formulas are “programmed” or imprinted with the frequencies of multiple herbs and other “naturals”.  No actual product is in the water—only the frequencies/vibrations of the item.
  3. Each AltWaters™ formulas may contain imprints of anywhere from 120 to thousands of frequencies (designed to match the most subtle electric of the human harmonic electric body and measured in millivolts).
  4. The AltWaters™ System is easy to use. Each formula is added to one quart of pure water (not tap or distilled) to drink throughout a day.  You may drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon.  We recommend drinking room-temperature water.
  5. With every swallow of water, the imprinted frequencies are “read” through the protein-mucous membrane lining of the mouth and esophagus. They are then instantly “broadcast” to every cell in the body that needs them.
  6. Because the body is self-diagnosing, only the frequencies that are needed are read. The dosage is therefore the same for a newborn infant or any adult.
  7. The AltWaters™ formulas are designed to neutralize negatives at the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic levels of the body.  Neutralizing frequencies also work at the subtle levels of the Infinite Energy Fields, as well as past and present lifetimes to unlock the most difficult.
  8. When frequencies reach an intuited “Radical Wellness”, cellular repairs can be completed—given sufficient water and time.

Important: A simple Preventive Maintenance program of 2 formulas used daily is imperative to keep daily toxins from accumulating to the level of re-toxifying the body.