Written by Carol Keppler

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Aging... not!

De-Aging An Actuality

What if we could live two hundred or even three hundred years?  Easily!  The scientists are telling us now that the time is getting close. Faux-youth is everywhere present if you have enough money and time.  But let’s talk about the real thing – living long and productive lives with energy, stamina and that youthful glow.

Live to be 100

It’s been in the news over and over again; men and women celebrating their 101st birthdays, and even older. And don’t we love to hear it?

Body Types - Sensitive? Strong? Zohar???

States of Being-ness

Why are we here? It’s an age-old question and we’re are still searching for answers for it. We know that it has a lot to do with Soul’s Purpose, the Plan we wrote before we got here.

Body Typing for health: Being special has never been easy…and it’s even tougher for Zohars

What do we as those called upon to help restore the human system (or even that of an animal) to health and wellness? The job, is much simplified once we can pinpoint a person’s body type. Once a person’s body type is discovered we can better predict how well that person will function in this 3-D world. First we need to understand that three basic elements.

Third Body Type Discovered: The Hypersensitive Constitution

Over the past few years an interesting phenomenon has presented itself, the person who, no matter what health therapy used and despite sometimes years of working on health issues, never responds. We believed them to be “sensitives” and decided they must be environmentally ill – true in a few cases but not all.

Electric... Danger Danger!

Chaotic Electric: 21st Century Health Hazard

You’re definitely not “well” and your doctor can’t tell you why. But the worst part is the depression and anxiety that wears away at any quality of life you might have had.

Food... Good for you - or maybe NOT!

Sugar: Sweet and Dangerous

Sugar – a topic that is difficult to deal with because sugar in the diet of the western world after hundreds of years of use is so deeply entrenched.
Why would anyone question sugar now? There are so many more important health issues to be concerned with: big ones

Protein– It’s not what you think!

The use of protein in the diet is possibly the most misunderstood aspect of health. Americans have been on a protein binge since the 1940’s when a scientific study on rats promoted the theory that the nation’s health would improve if protein consumption was increased. What actually happened was an increase of kidney, heart and colon diseases including colon cancer.

Genetically Engineered Food? Irradiated? You Bet!

The miracles of science have reached your supermarket. How long they have been there we can only guess. You decide to get healthy by eating “natural” or perhaps even “vegetarian.” Now the question is, are the foods in your supermarket the real thing or are they “non-foods”? There was a time when you could shop for food without concern; food was “food”.

Human System... How it Works

Allergies Got You Down? – Again?

Join the crowd! One out of four Americans suffer (and that’s the right word, “suffer”) from some form of allergies. Every year the problem seems worse…Why?

Your Brain is Fixable

The brain and its importance in living a good life is a given. But there are many who struggle to survive in a society where it’s brain power that puts one at the top of the ladder.  Here are some of the issues that are of concern.  To date we are still without solid evidence of “cure” (reversal of symptoms) for most of them.

Over 50 and Female?

The fear of the discomfort of hot flashes (and myriad of other menopausal issues) drives otherwise sane woman to hormone therapy.  Now the often touted bio-identical “natural” substitute has now been re-evaluated showing that even though purchased through a compounding pharmacy, it has risks.

Stem cells: triggering the body to repair – and de-age (part 1)

As the graying of America began hitting the Baby Boomers, the rush was on to find the long-sought after secret of longevity. At 70, the good life often means living in a well-appointed care home with medications delivered on schedule and family visits the highlight of the week.

The pH dilemma: new answers — file to come

It’s a given—the American public is besieged with disease. As we age we’re told that we’ll all experience disease in some form or another. Now babies and youngsters are falling prey to the diseases of adults— babies with cancer, childhood diabetes, pre-schoolers with asthma and arthritis and teens having heart attacks on the athletic fields across America

Vital signs — your body’s distress signals!

The human body is marvelously designed with checks and balances to keep it running smoothly. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), a part of the central nervous system, is important in this process because it controls the Vital Signs: core temperature (too hot, too cold), blood pressure (too high, too low), pulse-heart rate and respiration (too fast, too slow).

Warning: homeostasis is NOT a permanent condition

You have worked on your health diligently: asking questions, reading, learning about your particular health issue, taking hands full of herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics, exercising, carrying your good water wherever you go.

Your Amazing Cells: the Secret for Keeping Them Alive And Well!

If Dr. Fritz Albert Popp is correct in his definition of “life” we’re in deep trouble. Dr. Popp who did scientific research in the area of quantum physics and nutrition, said the food we eat to live must add “light” (in the form of biophotons) to the human bio-energetic systems and DNA structure for repair and sustenance

Our Human Internal Ocean

Just think about it – from the saline amniotic fluid where life begins to the sodium solution that bathes our 75 trillion cells and constitutes our blood, sweat and tears, we are, as human beings, definitely “salt” dependent.

Our Human Internal Ocean

Just think about it – from the saline amniotic fluid where life begins to the sodium solution that bathes our 75 trillion cells and constitutes our blood, sweat and tears, we are, as human beings, definitely “salt” dependent.

Tips to speed the repair process

You can re-program your bio-computer, which may be running negative programs via your subconscious and prevent the healing process from going forward. In other words, unbeknownst to you, your subconscious could be doing you in.

The 5 steps in the spiral from wellness to chronic illness…an introduction to the theory of root cause

Let’s start with a basically healthy adult/child; what has to happen to a person before illness sets in?

Question: can wellness be guaranteed?

Over the years we have often been asked if we could “guarantee” wellness. Initially my response was, “Does your doctor guarantee you’ll get well?” But we honestly believe that because this body was divinely designed there is a guarantee that all thinking people can appreciate.

Sun.. Friend or Enemy?

Electric Overload (see Sun)

Because of the world we live in, our harmonic electric bodies are experiencing “chaotic electric” interference on a daily basis. The result is threefold: 1) the normally alkaline body goes acid, the perfect terrain for disease to thrive. 2) inflammation sets in, causing

Short Circuit!

Last fall while preparing for a Teleseminar with Lynn McTaggart, the author of The Intention Experiment, I went online to visit her web site and was fascinated by what I found on her blog.   Two women had written about their sensitivity to electric

The Sun: Life Force or Deadly Enemy?

NOTE: Because of the recent phenomenon of Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) which hit the Planet mid- June 2012 we now have a dangerous level of UVB radiation with which to deal. Learn more in the article “White-hot sun”

The hazardous radiation of our new sun — no place to hide!

So it’s summer. In Arizona we expect it to get hot— 110 or sometimes 120 degrees. We’re prepared for the sun. But this sun is different . It was toward the end of June that I donned sunglasses for the first time in my life. We’ve preached sunshine as a healer forever—no glasses or contacts and for sure no sunglasses.

Toxic... things you never knew

Medications: what you need to know to stay well

You know the symptoms of cell breakdown.  As your 75 trillion cells struggle to put out the energy you need to digest, assimilate and eliminate, you find yourself fighting fatigue, in almost every case the first symptom of body malfunction.

Are Your Meds Poisoning You?

If you are a person who has been concerned with your health and have spent the time , effort and money to get yourself healthy naturally you are in the minority. Most of our society has given away their poser to others expecting someone else to get hem well.

It’s NOT the flu—you’re ToxSick!

It was about twenty three years ago and I can remember saying to someone who like myself was also health oriented, that I had discovered a rather odd pattern in my then fifty years on the planet—I only got sick about once a year and it was always a heavy cold.

Unknown... made known!

Energy Field Dynamics… or does your aura need an overhaul?

We’ve all heard of auras and admitted to the possibility of the physical body having an aura or luminosity that can actually be seen by some gifted individuals—and “read”, no less

Intuition: our birthright

James Van Praagh, John Edwards and Sylvia Browne led the way. But since the introduction in prime time television of “The Medium”, we have seen an amazing surge in acceptance of what not long ago would have been looked upon by many as “evil” or, at the very least, “frightening”. Some dismiss the ability to see, hear or know things in the past or future, in other words being “psychic”, as New Age “woo woo”.

“Psychic Sheath” Damage: experiencing Demons – or Angels!”

You may end up rolling your eyes but first I ask that you listen with an open mind. All I’m about to share with you has come to me because of my passion for health and healing. Always there looms the question, “why?” For instance, why do some people get sick and others not?

Water... It can help you get well!


Imagine that there was a magic drink that looked like water, smelled like water and tasted like water, but was velvety smooth! Among other things, this miracle water would more easily re-hydrate your cells and rebalance your blood chemistry – both serious problems for most of us.

Water—how important is it to our health?

Good question. Simple answer. Bottom line—your body requires water, “free” water (no flavoring), for cell-repair.

Water – could it be the key to living a longer and healthier life?

You can’t live long without them – air, water and food; air, without question, is the most important, life is extinguished after only minutes without it. The human body can survive without water for about ten days. Amazingly, without food it can survive for over two months, so you don’t have to panic over a few missed meals.