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~A Biochemically Balanced alternative to ordinary table salt

Ordinary table salt

Many doctors readily acknowledge that ordinary table salt, which is almost 100% sodium chloride, can produce harmful effects in the body. The common concern is the sodium/potassium imbalance.

Dr. Henry Gilbert, an elderly pioneer in this field, found that if ordinary table salt “had all the other salts of the body combined with it in correct physiological proportions, it would be a food; but when only one element is present, the mineral balance of the body is completely upset, and so the body is poisoned.”

He further explained that ordinary salt interferes with the normal flow of all the fluids of the body and so tends to increase susceptibility to colds and other infectious ailments. It created mineral imbalances and a relative deficiency of every other mineral constituent of the body. Then by displacing potassium in the cells, it causes a potassium deficiency.

Biochemist Jacques Loeb also affirmed that sodium chloride is poisonous to protoplasm unless combined with other essential elements.

In addition, Dr. C. Samuel West, a noted researcher on the lymphatic system, claims that ordinary table salt upsets the delicate mineral balance in and around the cell, thus interfering with the electrical function of the cell. 


Sea Salt

In considering sea salt as a possible alternative to ordinary table salt, researchers learned that sea salt contains too much magnesium and insufficient potassium, since humans, like other land life, require more potassium than do sea creatures.


BioSALT is a triturated homeopathic compound preparation, biochemically balanced to correspond to the normal saline content of healthy human plasma, in the ratio the body uses it. (See “Active Ingredients” below.)

Sodium toxicity and potassium deficiency are avoided in a table salt that contains sufficient potassium to balance its sodium content, according to Dr. Gilbert and others.

In addition, Dr. West affirms that each cell is an electrical generator, depending for its function upon the delicate mineral balance in and around the cell. Being a biochemical balance of the essential minerals and trace elements, BioSALT can contribute to this delicate balance and can also help compensate for more of the mineral deficiencies in various of our foods.


BioSALT has a delicate flavor and is fine-textured. It is not a salt substitute nor a low-sodium or sodium-reduced product. It is an agreeable flavor enhancement recommended as an alternative to ordinary table salt.

*Active Ingredients

Sodium Chloride
Potassium Chloride
Tricalcium Phosphate
Magnesium Oxide

Zinc Oxide
Potassium Iodide
Ferrous Fumarate
Copper Gluconate

Manganese Sulphate
Chromium Picollnate
Trace Minerals from Sea