Consultations and Clearings

AltWaters Atom Small


One on One consultations with Carol

• 15 min consultation $45
• 30 min consultation $60
• 45 min consultation $75
• 60 min consultation $100
• Pets – 15 min consultation $45

FREE 15 minute informational consultation before purchasing a System

Wellness Scan Reports

• General Health QuickScan with 30 min consultation $60

FREE at the end of 5-week or 12-week System

Energy Field Clearances

It is possible, through a process of “broadcasting frequencies” of specially designed formulas, to cleanse or clear negative energies.  This can be accomplished by an Energy Intuitive over any distance.

• One area or situation $35
• Additional areas at the same time $15 Each
  • Electromagnetic Clearance” is used to neutralize EMR’s
  • “Purification” is used to neutralize negative or “dark energy”/Bioplasma
  • “Divine Intervention is used for extremely serious issues
  • “Protection” provides an energetic protective bubble around a person, place, or situation
  • “Detoxification” clears toxins from air, water, home (including mold)