Forgiveness Assist

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Are you stuck in old memories and thoughts, perhaps lodged in your subconscious mind?

Releasing negativity from your Harmonic Energy Field, helps you achieve total wellness and the glorious gift of giving yourself access to your true Soul – the “Divine Blueprint” of who you really are and were always meant to be, lifetime after lifetime!

Forgiveness Assist mini-kit contains 5 single formulas programmed with frequencies keyed to release toxins/poisons, chemicals and other contaminants.  Use of this mini-kit is designed to bring your body back into its natural balance through the repair and regeneration of all your body’s 75 trillion cells!

Step 1: MemoryPlus – Accessing/releasing painful, negative, untruthful beliefs (past and present) about self. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, you automatically experience your life positively. As a bonus, it also works to improve everyday functional memory!

Step 2: Stabilizer – Gain a strong self-image, achieve a balanced feeling, centered/ focused daily life.  Foster positive reactions to life, releasing anger/resentment, grudges, depression/anxiety.

Step 3: Braveheart – Promotes courage, strength, determination when facing fear.  Release negative beliefs, past life fears.

Step 4: SoulPower – A trauma-shattered Soul made whole. Knowing your higher power/achieving connection to authentic self.

Step 5: StressLess – An all-natural way to neutralize stress from today’s society   —demands of family, job performance, placing undue challenges from what life throws at us.