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Therapeutic Jewelry

This beautiful handcrafted sterling silver Maltese Medallion has been charged to provide protection from the negative effects of the frequencies associated with magnetics and electric.

Harmful frequencies are virtually impossible to avoid: ELF waves, electrical power lines, air travel, x-rays, MRIs, microwaves, electrical appliances, TVs, computers, cell phones, cell towers, streaming WIFI and harmful underground currents and now the new sun’s radiation.


The Maltese Medallion is the only piece of therapeutic jewelry that we know of that actually deflects electric, radiation, EMR’s and geopathic stress and therefore is “clean” forever.  Other pieces accumulate the above and therefore may, after a short time, not be protective, giving a false sense of security.

Because the Medallion deflects it therefore protects.  IT DOES NOT clear the accumulated effects of electropollution already in the body.  To neutralize this type of cellular damage can be accomplished with the AltWatersTM Systems, which among other things, neutralized electrical overload.  The Medallion will prevent any future accumulation.

For complete protection, the pendant should be worn either over or under clothing at the heart level (heart chakra).  It may also be pinned on a piece of clothing over the heart — a tee-shirt pocket.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Once your Medallion is received, purchase a good sturdy chain.  The silk cord provided is only temporary.  Use a square knot to prevent the knot from slipping and loss of the Medallion.

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The Maltese Medallion is known to be a symbol of protection and a badge of honor for humanitarian workers.

This symbol has been adopted by many civic organizations including firefighters and ambulance services for use as a badge to represent strength and commitment in aiding one’s fellow man.

This symbol is known worldwide to represent the following attributes:

Humanitarian Service

Holy devotion
An Indomitable Spirit