Power 1 and 2

Power 1 Product Image

Power 1ALL your supplements in one

…plus Quantum Healing for a lifetime!

NOTE: The Power Formulas can only be used by those who have completed the AltWatersTM System.

With this simple regimen of Preventive Maintenance, you can expect peak performance for a lifetime.

It has taken four decades of Research and Development to bring to the Planet this next generation of the newly rediscovered “medical astronomy”, We have finally broken through the limits of bio-molecular medicine (western medicine) to the Atomic and SubAtomic LEVELS of healing. Now you can cleanse to the most subtle levels of the human body, the 5th LAYER of Quantum Healing, never before dealt with because we didn’t know it existed!


  • 100% nutritional supplementation with a full complement of all vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes and more
  • Final clearance of parasites and fungus
  • Inflammation caused by damage to the Cellular Repair-Response System


  • Reduction of cellular scarring to improve cell hydration
  • Catalyst for digestive process
  • Helps remove cellular waste
  • Extends cell life / slows aging
  • Improves cell pH back to alkaline
  • “Executive Burnout”
  • Improves motivation
  • Final clearing of negative cell memory
  • Completes cell communication for self-repair
  • Super consciousness!
  • Final clearing of C-Reactive Protein causing cell inflammation
  • Bio-photon repair of Light Body
  • Innate “Immuno-Defense System” restored
  • Final dissolving of acidic deposits
  • Better body energy efficiency

…and so much more


  • “Quantum Healing” of all diseases with no known cause, no known cure —plus all the drugs that mask their symptoms
  • Final clearance of all contaminants, including nuclear wastes and at all cellular LEVELS and LAYERS
  • Aura’s protective shield restored
  • Final clearance of Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome (CIS)
  • Chronic pain / fear / depression
  • Trauma Spectrum (past / present / future)
  • Encapsulated poisons (tumors)
  • DNA / Chromosome damage
  • Completion of cell repair / Regeneration
  • Final de-aging factors
  • Last LAYERS of deepest healing
  • Vibrational body “Merges” with Divine
Power 2 Product Image

Power 2…Daily detoxing for a lifetime of wellness

…this is your “Go-To” formula

NOTE: The Power Formulas can only be used by those who have completed the 12-week AltWatersTM System.

After completing your 12-week System you’ll never want to lose its benefits! Your 75 trillion cells were designed to self-repair and they are at that place right nowPower 2 will keep them there with a first-on-the-Plant purification system encompassing everything from the worst poison and infections to the most subtle emotional clearing when needed.

You have learned the lessons that will keep your body functioning at peak performance for a lifetime at a biological age of “16”no matter what your chronological age.


  • Begin the de-aging process: vision, hearing, brain function, heart, joints, respiratory and urinary systems
  • Addresses cell toxicity at first 4 LEVELS
  • Transfer of subtle energies from meridians to cells for self repair
  • Improves stamina and endurance
  • Repairs insulation around nerves
  • Axiatonal Lines unblocked/repaired for energy flow / “Life Force”!!
  • Neutralizes many “future” microbes
  • Final neutralizing of Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR’s)


  • Promotes a positive mindset
  • Prosperity factor reset
  • Clears emotional blocks
  • “Taint” of miasms released (alcohol, TB, STD, mental illness, gender confusion, and more)
  • De-stresses nervous system
  • Moral injury” (part of PTSD syndrome)
  • Electro-galvanism / short-circuiting of nervous system due to “chaotic” electric

… and so much more!


  • Final clearing of first 4 LEVELS of healing
  • Promotes a positive mindset
  • Prosperity factor realized
  • Emotional blocks removed
  • Negative Emotional Release (NER)
  • Neutralizes and repairs all cortisol and cytokine poisoning from adrenal stress and body damage
  • “False” memory erased
  • Release of last percentage of poisons/ microbes from Past-Present-Future!
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