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Looking good makes you feel good!

Regain Positive Bdy Image mini-kit contains 5 single formulas programmed with frequencies keyed to release toxins/poisons and other contaminants, whether man-made or natural. Add to that the stresses of living in today’s high-tech society! These negatively impact the daily repair your body performs to keep you in tiptop shape.  Use of this mini-kit is designed to bring your body back into its natural balance through the repair and regeneration of all your body’s 75 trillion cells!

Step 1: OneStep Across the board impact upon your body’s needs.  Helps remove cellular waste plus dissolves bad fats/oil in diet, a catalyst to improve the digestive process.  Reduces stress/emotional overwhelm, brain fatigue, addictions/cravings.  Begins cellular repair for “cell communication.”

Step 2: GreatHair Begins restoration process for your hair’s health/vitality by restoring follicle function and regrowth of lost or thinning hair due to stress, chemo, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Step 3: GreatSkinThe largest organ of the body, your skin is an excellent barometer of your health.  Stimulates internal cleansing through special detoxifiers to reduce cellulite, dark spots and refine pores, to name just a few of its benefits.

Step 4: Zzzz’s Release of nervous energy, racing thoughts, emotional overwhelm that leads to difficulty getting/staying asleep all night —the time when most healing happens.

Step 5: LookingGood! Helps to achieve your good body image from the inside out.  Formulated to compliment all the formulas in your kit.

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