BraveHeart…dealing with fear

BraveHeart…dealing with fear


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AltWaters™ BraveHeart (2 fl. oz.)dealing with fear

We put it together because you needed it — Braveheart a new formula in the SinglesLine. It’s for the times when you feel weak in the knees, when butterflies take over the stomach. And it’s not just for you, but you might try it for an overly timid child or a pet with a startle reflex. Be creative. And do let us know — that’s how we learn.

Fear of:

  •  Animals
  •  Medical procedures
  •  Traffic
  •  Being alone
  •  Claustrophobia
  •  Heights
  •  Darkness
  •  New situations
  •  Separation from God
  •  Irrational fears
  •  Past life fear
  •  Negative beliefs
  •  Agoraphobia (fear of crowds)
  •  Courage at all levels
  •  Strength and determination
  •  Residual negative “fear” memories


Additional information

Weight 0.9000 kg
Dimensions 1.5000 × 1.5000 × 5.0000 cm


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