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AltWaters™ Digital-EMR-Clear! (2 fl. oz.) 

Digital-EMR-Clear! was designed to neutralize the “chaotic” electric of our digital society that has a short-circuit effect on the Human Harmonic Electric System with never-ending symptomology.

For the more complex problems or health challenges caused by electric overload, call for an EnergyScan..

Note: This is the best single formula to begin clearing electro-sensitivity. It is also the first step to begin cleansing the remaining planetary electric that the 10-week AltWatersSystem deals with.

  •  Depression/ anxiety/ angst, random thoughts, “mind chatter”
  •  Mood swings/ out-of-character actions and behavior
  •  Brain fog/ confused thinking/headaches
  •  Heartache/ irregularities/ pain
  •  Unexplained fatigue
  •  Discomfort when near electrical devices
  •  Acidic system causing digestive upset
  •  Colon/GI Tract malfunction/ breakdown
  •  Muscle/ joint aches
  •  Respiratory distress
  •  Irritation of all mucus membranes including due to allergies (sinus)
  •  Irritation of entire nervous system, hypersensitive of all 5 senses — sight/lighting, sound/noises, smell, taste, touch

Directions:   for Extreme Electro-Sensitives: Clear digital electric

Use 1 drop (not dropper) per day in 1-quart of pure water (not tap or distilled). Drink over an 8-hour day for 21 days

Maintenance: Use 1 drop per day to 1-quart of water. Drink throughout the day.

Ask about therapeutic jewelry for deflecting electric!!? 

*Intuitive readings and information about the AltWaters™ System products are provided for educational purposes only.  The Food and Drug Administration has evaluated neither the information nor the products.  These products are created based on intuited information and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Consult your health care professional with respect to your health.               

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