Expect.A.Miracle…life is waiting – it’s time!

Expect.A.Miracle…life is waiting – it’s time!


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An unusual frequency formula designed to help you get on with your Life. The life you have been dealing with is ready to become the Life you deserve. Believe it!

Expect.A.Miracle explores brain power, your brain, the computer of this amazing body. It’s all there from A to Z in this new and exciting AltWaters™  formula.

Part A

  • Addresses not only physical, but mental, emotional, psychological and Spiritual aspects of your beingness
  • Self-concept corrections for a meaningful Life: Opportunity recognition, self-love, self-confidence, worthiness, and expecting the unexpected. And much, much more!
  • The possibility for completion of the healing process for every area of the body from head to toe
  • Completion to the deepest healing layers of the SubAtomic and out to the farthest reaches for the repair of your Aura and its protection of your body.
  • Adds extra years of life to enjoy with the completion of the healing of your Gland of Regeneration — 100 years or more!

Part B

  • Think of all the things that, if they happened in your Lifetime, you would consider Miracles
  • Write them in pencil (natural graphite)
  • Prioritize them — knowing that your now healthy and only recently discovered Gland of Regeneration will allow you to live a robust life into your hundreds. Some of your Miracles may need a little more time to manifest, so put those toward the end of your list. Remember, its’ all about timing, timing, timing.
  • Pots your List where you can see it. Know that all is possible. Think. Dream. Anticipate. How will you feel when they begin to appear?
  • You are actually programming these happenings into your brain, the computer that deals not only with all your bodily functions, but all that happens to you are in your life, good or bad! So program in what you want not what you don’t want!
  • Your attitude of gratitude is the most important part of ManifestingAMiracle — being thankful in advance for dreams—come— true.


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