Heal.N.Thrive…quantum healing now possible!

Heal.N.Thrive…quantum healing now possible!


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This may be the last piece of your Wellness Journey. The frequencies are at the most subtle level of healing. Quantum healing reaches far out to access your Auric Field and beyond. It also digs deep into layers of cells where are hidden diseases with no know cause and no known cure. And there is still room for new frequencies to be added as you need them.

*Non-effective until after use of Power 1/Power 2 and “Expect.A.Miracle”

Areas already addressed:

  • StageⅢ of your Wellness Journey — not fun/Quantum healing is possible— hang in there!
  • Past Lifetimes — al of them! The clearing is very often difficult and even painful.
  • Brain’s Command Center — programming your amazing computer brain   with every word you say (or think!) to your cells for good or harm.
  • Residual Scarring of cell membranes. Your Medallion will prevent recontamination of digital/electric damage.
  • Anti Aging frequencies are forever keeping your Biological Age at 16 with the daily Preventive Maintenance System (Power 1/Power 2)
  • Infectious Agents and Poisonous Agents of the future as yet undiscovered are built in to this formula — person specific for you.

With Expect.A.Miracle and HEAL.N.Thrive

 Note: “and there is room for much, much more to be added so it will always be a work in progress!

Use full dose of HEAL.N.Thrive For 7 days in one quart pure water (be sure to drink half your body weight in ounces per day!), not distilled, tap or flavored.  To be sure your water is pure, use our WaterPure formula. Drink over an 8-hour period (half in a.m., other half in p.m.).

There after use only when called for (intuit) for 3 days. Always allow a 3 day “break” in between.


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