MemoryPlus…moving forward

MemoryPlus…moving forward


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  AltWaters™ MemoryPlus (2 fl. oz.)….moving forward

Many of us are overcome with painful memories, which keep us in bondage to our thoughts or stuck in the past. Now they can be wiped away so you can get on with your life! Also helps the system return to alkaline pH for self-repair. Note: An even better response with this formula after the Altwaters™ System.

 Helps Clear:

  •  UltraSensitive Vibratory Syndrome
  •  Future Life memories of disease
  •  Negative memories: grief, pain, guilt, shame, abandonment, failure, doubt, self-doubt, blame, others known/unknown hidden
  •  Belief of  “untruths” about ourselves or others
  •  “False” memories


  •  “Joy factor”
  •  Self-confidence/Self-esteem
  •  Feelings of gratitude
  •  Positive life experiences: home and family, relationships, financial, business, etc.
  •  Ability of cells to remember their original perfection

Directions For PeopleUse 10 half-droppers of Memories in a quart of pure water, not distilled or tap. Drink over an 8-hour period for 3-7 days.                

 For Animals:  For personality or emotional issues, use 5 h.d. (2x day) in small amount of food or directly in the mouth for 3-7 days.

Maintenance: If desired 1-2 h.d. per day, in a quart of pure water.

Sensitive? A very small number of people may be hyper-sensitive because of electrical overload causing headache/feeling of anxiety due to electric released too quickly.  Slow the process by using 1-3 drops to 1 half-dropper of formula to 1 quart of water.  Or call for personalized directions.

Any of the SinglesLine formulas may be used together in the same quart of pure water and are safe for anyone at any level of health.

*Intuitive readings and information about the AltWaters™ System products are provided for educational purposes only.  The Food and Drug Administration has evaluated neither the information nor the products.  These products are created based on intuited information and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Consult your health care professional with respect with your health.


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