SoulPower…healing past, present, future

SoulPower…healing past, present, future


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AltWaters™ SoulPower (2 fl. oz.)…healing past, present, future

We here on Planet Earth are receiving vibrational frequencies that are able to bring about the peace, love, joy and fulfillment we need to complete the healing process. If ever we need this, it is now.

• Drawing together our Soul Family
• Family relationships healed: past present/future
• Restoration of health and wholeness
• Empowerment to bring about
• Remembering our heart for the weak and helpless envisioned change on the Planet
• Mutual respect for all peoples,
• Manifesting our abundance! prosperity animals, plants
• Knowing the Higher Power working in each of us for evermore
• A life-worth-living for all people
 Love of cef drawing others who are uii1liTi

DirectionsAny of the SinglesLine formulas may be used together in the same quart of pure water and are safe for anyone at any level of health.

Maintenance: Use 1 half-dropper in a quart of pure water a day or as desired.

Any of the SinglesLine formulas may be used together in the same quart of pure water and are safe for anyone at any level of health

*Intuitive readings and information about the AltWatersSystem products are provided for educational purposes only.  The Food and Drug Administration has evaluated neither the information nor the products.  These products are created based on intuited information and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Consult your health care professional with respect to your health.

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