WellPet…your vet-in-a-bottle

WellPet…your vet-in-a-bottle


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AltWaters™ WellPet (2 fl. oz.)…your Vet-in-a-bottle

Seven formulas in one: a nutrition booster, plus low-level detoxification, anti-microbial, worms, calcification, inflammation and even “personality problems”.

 WellPet is a multi-purpose formula that can be used for any animal, bird or reptile no matter what size, age, or breed.

  •  Better utilization of nutrition      
  •  Clears low level toxins
  •  Eliminates microbes
  •  Amps frequencies of major organs /  systems
  •  Allergies
  •  Inflammation
  •  Eliminates hardened mucus (may be coughed up)
  •  Worms/parasites
  •  Breaks-up calcification/adds good calcium
  •  Finicky eaters
  •  Skin, warts and rashes
  •  Relieves body trauma
  •  Eases emotional trauma
  •  Modifies negative personality traits/emotions
  •  Balances pH

To improve health:  Use 5 half-droppers of WellPet (2x day) for 7 days in food (that you know will be eaten) or directly in mouth.

Maintenance:  Use 2 h.d. of WellPet 1x a week.

Note:  If health challenges persist, call for an intuitive reading. Other formulas are available, which could be helpful for any unresolved symptoms.  Ask about a PetScan.

Note:  If putting directly in mouth, put the amount of drops in a separate container and use a plastic dropper, to avoid contamination of original bottle.

Any of the SinglesLine formulas may be used together in the same quart of pure water and are safe for anyone at any level of health.

*Intuitive readings and information about the AltWaters™ Technology products are provided for educational purposes only.  The Food and Drug Administration has evaluated neither the information nor the products.  These products are created based on intuited information and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Consult your health care professional with respect to your health.


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