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These all-natural AltWatersTM formulas are water-based and may be used safely for any creature. An information sheet for each formula is included in this kit.

Includes five 2oz bottles of formulas:

WellPet (2)

…your vet-in-a-bottle!


…taking the edge off!


…meltdown protection!


…crisis intervention!

Extra formulas…are “people” formulas that are also helpful for any type of animal,

WellPet is a multi-purpose formula that can be used for any animal, bird, reptile, no matter what size, age, or breed.

  • Animal nutrition booster
  • Clears all toxicity
  • Helps clear infections (Past, Present, Future)
  • Amps frequencies of major organs/systems for repair
  • Allergies
  • Modifies negative personality traits/emotions
  • Worms/Parasites
  • Breaks-up calcification / adds good calcium
  • Finicky eaters
  • Relieves body trauma
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